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Communion: A True Story
A famous author's account of one of being visited by "visitors from elswhere" and the horrifying events that followed. What may be the bible for Spiritualists and UFO enthusiasts alike! Whitley Strieber fans will not want to miss out!
Official Alien Abductee's Handbook: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for the New Millennium
This book contains the wit and humor that pokes fun at the UFO phenomenon and the new age in a new and unique manner. This book will entertain you until your butt probin' friends come to check on you. Restricted area: personell must have a sense of humor to gain access!
Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience
An Arizona logger and his friends are forced to face the unknown as he is missing for 5 days, and no one believe's his friend's claims and can they convince the people before the murder trial?
Roswell Report: Case Closed
Finally, our government has actually tried to disclose the Roswell incident! Do you believe that our government is lying with this book? Read and decide!
MTV's Beavis and Butthead: The Butt Files
The two "geniuses" from MTV's Beavis and Butthead are here to expose the horrible truth about the paranormal. huh-huh cool!
Gulf Breeze Sightings
Gulf Breeze was always a normal town in Florida, until Ed Walters found something extraordinary. This incident caused contreversy for a decade and still does! With an introduction by Budd Hopkins.
Transformation: The Breakthrough
Whitley Strieber's encounters didn't end with Communion, instead "they" kept coming. Whitley's description of the aftermath of his contreversial bestselling book will prove that no matter what you do, a transformation is at hand!
Breakthrough: The Next Step
Finally, Whitley Strieber is told why the "visitors" come here and what they plan to do. The intentions of the beings may be frightening, but it brings a message of hope for our troubled world.
Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee
Kim Carlsberg brings a rather "artistic" view of her bizarre abductions that shows the despair, sadness, horror, and wonder of her encounters. A must read!
Budd Hopkins has been a psychologist for years, and has come across the strange world of alien abduction. This book tells of abduction experiences and the thunderous impact on the experiencer's lives.
Missing Time
As abduction reports continue to rise, Budd Hopkins examines the evidence and data of these reports. This book may prove that someone you know or even YOU have had and experience.
The popular TV series known as Sightings has brought out new information and the best cases ever investigated by the Sightings Investigative Team.
Sightings UFO
Sightings now brings you probabably the best evidence that proves... We are not alone!
Have you always wanted to find the ideal place for a close encounter? You, my buddy, are in luck thanks to UFO USA! Find the location of towns such as Roswell, Gulf Breeze, and more!
Whitley Strieber compiles the cases that are most likely the best ufo evidence and stories into this awesome book. He analyzes footage by the top special effects artists and even has opinions from skeptics! Perhaps the most credible investigation yet. This book inspired the hit NBC special!
The Source
Now the hit radio show host Art Bell had teamed up with Brad Stieger to create one of the best books on the paranormal. Warning: You can open your mind but not so open that your brains fall out!"
UFOs, JFK, and Elvis
Richard Belzer puts his hilarious insanity in one fun and totally amazing book. If you want a few laughs and all of the facts, then buy it!!!

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