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UFO Links

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UFO FOLKLORE- a site with rather credible ufo investigations.

The Seventh Mafia- Perhaps one of the best ufo sites without their own domain name.

UFOREPORT.COM- An organization that has rather skeptical believers!

Communion Foundation- The famous UFO organization founded by Whitley Strieber.

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy- need I say more?

Abduction Research- take their neat abduction survey!

Steve Neil's Alien FX!- The amazing artistic talents as well as special effects talents of Steve Neil can be seen here!

Alien's Home Page- a site with interesting thoughts and ideas.

Kim Carlsberg's Home Page- not much, but her abduction stories are rather strange.

Running for My Life- an interesting and funny page made by an abductee.

The Alien Abductee's Handbook- The site of a hillarious book that you can buy there!

International UFO Museum and Research Center- a museum in Roswell, New Mexico!

National Aeronautics and Space Administration- Our future!

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