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X File #2: Fire in the Sky

Date: November 5, 1975 Location: White Mountain, Arizona

Credibility: 9 out of 10

Travis Walton was an ordinary, hardworking young American boy. He was 19 years old and a tragic war which took the lives of many innocent young boys had recently ended. There was a feeling of rebuilding in the air... and ufos were the last thing on anyones mind. But, something changed all that. Precisely 5:49 PM, Travis left with fellow loggers in a pick-up truck. One of the loggers noticed unusual lights in the sky, stopped the truck, and they all looked up at an unusual sight. Travis then got curious, got out of the truck and looked from under the object. The rest of the loggers, however, were too frightened to even go near the object which was described as having "a shape like two pie pans placed lip to lip with a white dome on top." The witnesses claim that the object was uniquely smooth and rimless, as well as no sound.

Then, a loud and eerie noise erupted and Walton hid behind some logs. He realized that his friends were urging him to get back to the truck. But, as he was running back to the truck, a strange bluish beam hit Walton and threw him somehow carefully. The men then left the scene speeding and stopped a few miles away and noticed that the object was no longer following them. They then came back in the area to find that the object was not present as well as Travis's body. The loggers reported the sighting to the police and then suspected of foul play. Polygraph tests were taken but, the officials kept accusing the loggers anyway and consered that murder charges be filed.

Meanwhile, Travis found himself dumped on a road and called his brother-in-law. Hours later, his friends brought him back home. He lost 10 pounds and was nervous and frightened. He began getting "memories" of being in a craft that was much larger than the one that shot him. He says that humanoid beings with grey skin and large black eyes(sounds familiar). He arngrily refused to be examined the way he did and got one of the inscision knives and hit one of the creatures. The creatures left and Travis searched the ship for a way out. He eventually saw two human-like beings with long blond hair, one male, one female. The male brought Travis to what seemed to be a "hangar bay" like in a science fiction movie. He was escorted to a ship just like the one that shot him. The being told him to lie on a table and Travis woke up to find himself on the pavement. In 1993, he eventually had a book and a movie made out of his experience (both named Fire in the Sky). Yet, the movie was somewhat inaccurate to his claims. Travis does not ask for any profit from his experiences and does not care whether people believe his story or not. He is probably one of the most credible UFO witnesses to date.

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