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X File #1 Bob Lazar

Date: 1989 Location: Nevada

Credibility: 7 out of 10

In 1989, a 30 year old physicist named Bob Lazar claimed that he worked at the base known as Area 51 to reverse engineer alien spacecraft. George Knapp of KLAS TV in Las Vegas interviewed Lazar while he only called himself "Dennis" which was the name of his supervisor. Lazar later recieved a phone call from Dennis (his supervisor) warning him saying "Do you know what we're gonna do to you now?!" Lazar said no and then the phone hung up. Lazar soon went out to the public and told his story as follows:

Lazar was employed at Los Alamos while looking for a new job and one day he saw Edward Teller who told him to send his resume to EG & G. He was interviewed and was given "Majestic Clearance" which US presidents don't have except for George Bush, whom Lazar says knows about the project. Lazar says that he was taken to S-4 at Nellis Air Force Base, also known as "Area 51". He says that the entrances to the S-4 facility were camouflaged to look like desert sand which reminded him of a James Bond movie. When he went inside, he saw some thing that would change his perception of the universe itself. He says that he passed by a flying saucer and ran his hand on it and described it as feeling like "it was pressed out of one peice of sheet metal." He believed that this was American until he read a few Top Secret documents on the UFO subject in his office. His office was also strange it was filled with posters with flying saucers and aliens on them.

Eventually, Lazar saw at least nine different saucers which he calls the "Assortment Pack". He gave names to every saucer like "Top Hat, Jello Mold(Cosby would be proud.), Floor Model, and a Sports Model". One seemed to be hit by some sort of projectile (collision or shot perhaps?). His work seemed to focus around the "Sports Model", which was probably a new alien spacecraft at the base. He was often harrassed by military personell telling him that he never worked on the saucers. He was eventually allowed in the saucer which he said that the chairs were "too small" and he also noticed that the walls became invisible and he could see right at workers in the base studying another saucer. He believes that the see through walls are a sort of view screen like in Star Trek only you can see in all 360 degrees of the ship.

He had some time to look at the propulsion system of the saucer saying that it "uses the bottom part of the ship to target at the destination and then everything in between is somehow set aside and then the object is at the destination when really, the object hasn't really moved." He says that it also uses an antimatter thing in it powered by "element 115". Once, he said that he saw military men talking to "some short skinny doll like thing" which may be an actual alien or a way he says "...just to see my reaction...". He also says that the "Black" budget for his alleged project on reverse engineering of flying saucers is probably tapped from the "Star Wars" project. This may lead a person to believe that the "Star Wars" project was propaganda to make people support with money to a project about alien spacecraft without even knowing it. When Lazar eventually told the public about the whole project, he was given several Lie Detector tests and each had mixed conclusions (surprise! surprise!) and when he tried to get documents about his work at Los Alamos except to find that they deny his working there. However, there is an internal phone directory (may be faked, may be not) clearly listing his name and extension.

Perhaps the best evidence is that astronaut Edgar Mitchell tested him and concluded that his level of knowledge was exceptional and a pretty good choice for a government agency to pick for any projects involving spacecraft from another world. Today, Bob is doing one of his favorite hobbies, jet car racing. His conclusion is: "You're talking about physical contact and proof from another system, the biggest event in history. Period. And it's real and it's there."

**NEWS FLASH: You can see Bob in a lot of books and videos on the UFO subject and he sometimes appears on Sightings and you can go to the site of an organization he is in by clicking here

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