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Saving Private Irwin

X-File #4: Saving Private Irwin

Date: February 1959 Location: El Paso, Texas

Credibility: 6.8 out of 10

It was the end of the 50s and one of the most unusual cases in ufo history was about to happen. Private Gerry Irwin was driving back to the army barracks in El Paso when he saw a large glowing object. He thought it was a plane about to crash and pulled over. He scribbled stop on the rear veiw screen for people to stop and help him. Later, Cedar City police found Private Irwin unconscious and sent him to the local hospital.

Six weeks later, Irwin recovered and reported this event. Search parties were sent to search for wreckage from the "crash" and found nothing. Irwin later seemed to be in some sort of trance and remembered nothing of the past six weeks. On August 1959 Irwin was never seen again.

Desmond Leslie, a famed author, contacted Air Minister George Ward on the matter. Leslie said that his explaination of ufos that were sighted in the area were weather ballons despite this strange incident was an absolute lie. Ward laughed and said:

"What am I to say? I know it wasn't a balloon. You know it wasn't a balloon. But until I've got a saucer on the ground in Hyde Park and can charge the public sixpence a go to enter, it must be balloons, otherwise the Government would fall and I'd lose my job."

Dont ask, dont tell indeed!

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