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Some Unusual 'Cookies'

X File #3: Some Unusual 'Cookies'

Date: April 18, 1961 Location: Eagle River, Wisconsin

Credibility: 6.5 out of 10

Joe Simonton was a typical 60 year old chicken farmer. On the night of April 18th he heard a noise like tires on a wet pavement. He traced the noise to his farmhouse. Then he saw a silvery object land in his yard. Unusually brave compared to other people, he headed toward the object. A hatch opened and three creatures that resembled Italians came out. One held a jug like object and Joe assumed he wanted him to fill it up.

After, Joe filled up the jug he returned and found one of the figures in the object cooking with a "stove without fire". One of the beings handed him 4 cookie like objects that it was cooking. He took a bite and said that it tasted like cardboard. The encounter only lasted 5 minutes and the beings eventually took off. Simonton then realized that there was not one word said during the encounter.

Simonton said in a magazine that if something like that happened to him again, he would probably not tell anyone about it. This is due to NICAP barely investigating his claims, saying that they have more important cases to investigate. Simonton's quote probably makes every UFOlogist wonder, "Did they ever come back to give him seconds?".

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